– Rita Gould –

Rita Gould studied art history at University of Florida and the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida as a Docent. She continues to study fine arts at Salt Creek Academy and the Arts center of St. Petersburg. She has attended workshops in Florida and Utah.

The artist has done freelance and travel writing, written a history of early St. Petersburg, Florida, entitled Pioneer St. Petersburg, and co-written a cartoon strip for Singles magazine. She currently volunteers time at University of South Florida Poynter Library reading manuscripts for a creative writing contest open to students of the University.

A Ph.D. in Medieval and Renaissance literature, with a dissertation on Machiavelli, and fluency in Italian language fired a passion for travel in Italy. This travel, in turn, created interest in painting Italian scenes. The majority of these Italian works emphasize architectural perspective and texture while depicting the play of light and color over old brick, stonework, and peeling stucco, creating an ambiance of age and decay, yet timelessness.

The artist also paints western themes. Southern Utah National Parks offer majestic vistas of color and texture in monumental red-toned rock formations against backgrounds of purple and blue-hued mountains and trees. Horses are a favorite subject, sometimes treated realistically, other times whimsically in works that integrate the subject into experimental exercises that manipulate color and design.

The artist has exhibited in galleries in Utah, and currently exhibits in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her works can be seen here.